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Allergy friendly haircare – Olsson Haircare

January 12, 2021 jemma 6 min read 3 Comments
Allergy Uk approved shampoo and conditioner

Allergy friendly haircare – Olsson Haircare

January 12, 2021 Jemma 6 min read 3 Comments

For years I’ve suffered with sensitive and problematic skin and with that comes issues. Using normal everyday products and cosmetics often means reactions, irritation and general hypersensitivity. Despite looking, I’m yet to find a good allergy friendly haircare range… until now!

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Irritated by irritants

I’m the girl that takes her own shampoo to the hairdressers to minimise reactions. I’m the girl that always washes her hair over the bath instead of in the shower to minimise reactions. I’m the girl that hasn’t used proper hairspray since her teens, to minimise reactions. Sadly so many beauty products that we use daily contain nasty chemicals that can irritate skin and effect those of us with allergies and skin conditions.

Perfumes, sulphates, parabens, colours and phthalates are almost always present in shampoos, conditioners and washes, which can all result in irritation and allergic reactions so up until now I’ve sacrificed the state and condition of my hair in a bid to avoid my skin and scalp reacting.

If like me you want ‘salon performance results with out the added irritation’…Read on!

An allergy friendly hair care range that delivers

Allergy friendly haircare brand Olsson Haircare is a vegan friendly, cruelty free hair care range which prides it’s self on it’s commitment to allergy sufferers, allowing them to achieve salon performance results without the added irritation.

Their range is:

  • Fragrance free
  • Colorant free
  • Paraben free
  • Vegan friendly*
  • Cruelty free

The Olsson Haircare range achieves the perfect balance between managing sensitivity and salon performance.

Their range of hair care products are the result of three years of development between salon professionals, chemists and allergy/asthma associations. Putting their heads together meant that they created a range of hair care products that not only minimise the risk of reactions for those who are sensitive to certain ingredients, but which actually provides a salon style finish.  Something those with allergies, eczema, psoriasis and asthma rarely achieve.

My hair and me

Over the years I’ve resided to the fact that in order to avoid reactions and further skin irritations, I’ve had to use products that are simple and generally aimed at babies. So, as you can imagine there’s no emphasis on adding volume to my flat lifeless hair. No talk of keeping my colour vibrant. No talk of helping my dry ends. They are simply aimed at cleaning and that is that. That is until now!

“Our hair care products are designed with sensitive types in mind. Our professional formulation is ideal for anyone who wants salon performance products that aren’t highly scented or crammed with unnecessary additives.”

Enter Olssons Haircare

Designed for sensitive skin & allergy sufferers: 

Olsson Haircare are the ONLY hair care range to be approved by AllergyUK,  who have deemed that Olsson Haircare  ‘May be of Benefit’  (to those with allergies) and that it is  ‘Unlikely to Cause a Reaction‘.

Sensitive shampoo and conditioners that won’t irritate

I was sent the Sensitive Shampoo (Normal/Dry), Sensitive Conditioner, Sensitive Hair Spray and the Sensitive Conditioner Spray to try.

The Sensitive Shampoo (Normal/Dry) is free of fragrance, colour, silicon, SLS, alcohol, gluten and parabens.  (It does contain SLE’s but these are a gentler version of an SLS – Explained perfectly here.) It’s mild formulation means that it can be used daily if needed and is suitable for all the family, little ones included. It contains Aloe vera leaf juice which is known for it’s soothing, healing and regenerative effects (which also contains on average 75 active ingredients like Vitamin A, C, E and B12), Vitamin B5, which helps prevent moisture loss, whilst deep conditioning the scalp.   It also has Citric Acid which is great for helping eliminate any dandruff from the scalp and Glycerine, which is great for moisture retention which in turn supports softer and stronger hair.

The shampoo lathers slightly differently to other shampoos (due to not containing all the normal artificial foaming agents) so whilst it does have a foam-like consistency when rubbed in, it’s recommended not to scrunch up the hair too much as it’s at its most fragile when when wet.

Olsson sensitive vegan friendly shampoo
Olsson Hair allergy friendly Sensitive Shampoo which is ‘AllergyUK’ approved.

What do I think?

I’ve been using the products for the past month and honestly love them. Not only does the shampoo leave my hair feeling really clean and soft, it doesn’t leave my scalp feeling dry or tight and more importantly it hasn’t irritated the skin on my body (when it lathers and drops on my skin in the shower!) Yay to no longer having to lean over the bath to wash my hair! My skin is currently going through a healing process after years of damage caused by steroid cream so is even more sensitive than usual so for these products to be ok on my skin really is saying something! (To find out more about my skin journey read – My latest skin update)

Conditioner for sensitive scalps

The Sensitive Conditioner (Normal/Dry) is a lovely mild formula which again contains Aloe Vera, for it’s enhanced soothing and moisturising properties as well as Vitamin E for powerful antioxidant treatment and is designed to work on all hair types.

I found applying a small 2p sized amount on the ends of my hair left my hair really shiny and manageable and really works nicely after using the shampoo.

Allergy Uk approved shampoo and conditioner

allergy friendly shampoo and conditioner
Get the Sensitive Haircare Duo with 10% using my code ‘JEMX’

My favourite Olsson product

From the products that I’ve tried so far, the hero product for me is their Sensitive Hairspray! Game.Changed!  Developed alongside leading Scandinavian pro hair stylists, it is a medium-hold hairspray with added Pro-Vitamin B5 which offers a flexible hold (which can be brushed through and reworked). I’ve found a little goes a long way so if you just need a little help with flyaway hairs, a light mist will do. Alternatively if you need a stronger hold, you can layer it up to achieve the results. A light spray on my styled hair leaves my hair with a healthy and natural shine and guess what?! No skin reaction!! None. Nada!

allergy friendly hairspray olsson hair

Honestly I can’t tell you how much I’ve really grown to enjoy styling my hair again. I can create volume when styling it now –  Something I’ve not been able to do for so long.

Loved by professional stylists, approved by allergy specialists.

Loved my Jem at Nonscents at No 10 too!

Olsson Haircare products

Currently they offer the following hair care products for those with sensitivities:

Shop Olsson Haircare hereGet 10% off using code ‘JEMX’ at checkout.

Remove any worry with a Patch Test.

If you are a little apprehensive to try a new product as let’s face it, those of us with sensitive and reactive skin often worry about introducing something new, worry no more as Olsson have introduced a patch test kit allowing you to under take a patch test on a small area of skin at home. This way when you purchase your products, you will be safe in the knowledge that, not only are the products AllergyUK Approved and very unlikely to cause any reactions, you will have tried them on your own skin so can get on with enjoying your fabulous hair!! Buy your patch test here.  

You get my discount on top of any promotions that they have so make sure to follow Olsson Haircare on social media for their latest offers and promotions.

If you have sensitive skin, allergies, asthma, or suffer with a skin condition, I can’t recommend this hair care range enough! 

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This blog contains Ad – Pr Products.  Please rest assured I will never share an item that I’ve not used and will always be honest in my reviews. I know first hand how hard it is to find products that are kind to irritated skin and so would not recommend something that I wouldn’t/haven’t used myself.

*The Sensitive Hard Mud Styling Wax is not Vegan friendly.


  • Amanda Fulton November 12, 2020 at 11:21 am

    This is such a thorough review, thank you! Definitely on my must try list as my itchy scalp is such an issue!

  • Gale November 12, 2020 at 11:56 am

    Looks amazing. Just what we need. I get a dry itchy scalp so would really like to try this

  • Sarah November 13, 2020 at 2:46 am

    I wished they had this in Australia. Although I don’t have allergies, I am totally chemical free and hairspray especially is so hard to find that is low tox. I will keep any eye out for the Olsson brand here in the future. Please keep me post 🙂

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