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Top 5 tips to keeping your eczema at bay when you stay away!

February 1, 2019 jemma 3 min read No Comments

Top 5 tips to keeping your eczema at bay when you stay away!

February 1, 2019 Jemma 3 min read No Comments

Staying away from home can often lead to eczema and skin flare-ups because you are out of your own normal surroundings. Breathing in different smells, consuming strange foods and drinks, all of which can trigger reactions. Over the years I have learnt a few tips and tricks to minimise this happening. Read on to see my top 5 tips to keeping your eczema and skin flares at bay when you stay away!

#1 – Avoid irritation from the bed sheets.

When I stay away, I always without fail, take a pillowcase with me. I’ll pop it on the pillow in the bed I’m staying in. Because I use a non-irritating washing liquid and softener at home, it means that my face won’t get irritated from the often overly fragranced sheets and pillows at the hotel or place you are staying. (To find out what fabric softener I use read Is the fabric softener in your clothes irritating your skin blog.)

#2 – Long-sleeved and long-legged Pj’s

Staying on the same line as above, I often found the skin on my legs and body would get irritated by the sheets as well as my face and as a result, I’d have a really bad nights sleep. If you can’t take your own sleeping bag, pack long sleeved and long legged pyjamas. This way your skin isn’t coming into direct contact with the sheets and bedding so you should get a relatively ‘itch-free’ night! (Make sure they are cotton too so that your skin can breathe!)

Cath Kidston

#3 – Take miniatures

If like me you can’t use perfumed products, taking advantage of all the lovely hotel samples sadly can’t happen. Don’t find yourself in a situation where you are caught out and have nothing to use but them. Instead decant some of your favourite skin essentials such as your body wash, shampoos and creams into small bottles to take with you. Your skincare regime can remain the same despite being away. Make sure not to forget your make up remover too as using whatever is available such as wipes or often perfumed soaps can have devastating effects on your facial skin. (Preparation is key!)

#4 – Pack treats and snacks

I lead a dairy-free life due to my eczema. It causes my skin to flare quite badly so I avoid it at all costs.  When being away from home it can often be difficult to enjoy treats and snacks as you can’t be sure what they contain.  Seeing friends and family tucking into delicious cakes whilst out for coffee for example can be hard so to avoid the temptation of indulging and risking a flare-up, take a few of your favourite dairy-free treats with you! Enjoying coffee and cakes doesn’t have to result in bad skin flares so long as you prepare! (Check out these top treats that are accidentally dairy-free .)

#5 – Ring ahead

When I am staying in a hotel, I’ll often ring ahead to ensure I’m not greeted with any irritants when I arrive. I will ask for them to ensure I don’t have any flowers or fragrances in my room (and to make sure that there aren’t any Lilys in the foyer for eg- I’m really allergic to those). I will also inform them that I have allergies to dairy etc to ensure that they can cater to my allergies, for example, ensuring they have alternative milk in stock for me to enjoy a coffee etc – little things that you want to enjoy whilst being away. If I am staying at a friend or family members house, I will politely ask them to remove all flowers, plug in’s and air fresheners a few days before I arrive. It may sound dramatic but it really makes a huge difference and besides, if they are close they won’t mind as they won’t want you to flare up either!

Hopefully, these few tips will help and will allow you to be able to enjoy your time away.

Happy holidaying!

xx Jemma





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