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‘Getting my Yoga on’ in the Sweat Studios

November 10, 2019 jemma 4 min read No Comments

‘Getting my Yoga on’ in the Sweat Studios

November 10, 2019 Jemma 4 min read No Comments

Anyone who knows me, knows my approach to keeping fit… It’s very shall we say… intermittent?! Currently non-existent and something that’s generally at the bottom of my to-do list.  I’m a busy mum of 3 young boys and keeping myself fit and healthy has never been a huge priority! Sweat Studios want to change that! Keeping myself fit and healthy should be a priority as my kiddies need a healthy mummy after all!

Me and Exercise!

I don’t exercise!! Yep, there I admitted it! My sister got the ‘fitness gene’ (Shes a PT in Australia!) and if I’m entirely honest with you my eczema has played a huge part in me not exercising as I always found that my skin would get irritated by sweat and would flare up so I avoided making it worse by not participating in anything. Some find exercising helps their skin but for me when my skin was bad, I honestly couldn’t think of anything worse than getting hot and itchy!

However, now my eczema is pretty much under control (bar a couple of persistent patches!) and with my two older boys in school and my youngest in nursery for a couple of mornings, I pledged to my husband that ‘I’d start some kind of keep fit class!!’ so when the ‘Sweat Studios’ got in touch to invite me to try out a Yoga class I jumpppp… no I didn’t jump at the chance… I pondered!! Like I’m sure a lot of 30 something mums would! Me!! Yoga?!? Yoga classes scared me!! But… then again these days a childfree trip to the supermarket feels like a city break, so with the opportunity to do something childfree, that doesn’t involve washing/cooking/cleaning/tidying I decided to go for it!!!

Sweat studios
Hot Yoga in the Sweat Studios is definitely just that …Hot! But the additional benefits are totally worth it!


When it comes to Yoga, I think we all have preconceived ideas of what it’s like! I know I did!

It has actually always been something that I’d like to try and to be good at but being that I’m far from flexible, or spiritual, I’ve never been comfortable enough to give it ago… (well aside from when I was pregnant with my third baby, using my huge bump as an excuse for my horrendous posture and my inability to bend or flex) But… the Sweat Studios have a different approach to Yoga…

Sweat studios

The Sweat Studios

The Sweat Studios are situated at the Hub in Milton Keynes and more recently opened a new studio in Buckingham. Not only do they welcome ‘Newbies’ (win!), they promise…

sweat studios yoga milton keynes

Win! Win!

They are also a ‘contract-free’ zone.  So, if little like me you tend to go for it, all ‘guns blazin’ for a month then decide you need a break, you can! It’s flexible! (Also win!)

Me and Yoga (Never thought I’d say that!)

Upon arrival, we were greeted by the really friendly Carly who ran through what we needed to do and where everything was. After taking our shoes off we were shown into the Sweat Studio which is a bright, airy, purpose-built temperature and humidity-controlled studio.

Sweat studios
The Sweat Studios in Milton Keynes

I’ll warn you, it was warm shall we say! The benefits of doing yoga speak for themselves, however, doing it in a warm humid environment gives added benefits.

According to Sweat Studios these are some of the additional benefits:

  • Muscles are more elastic and less prone to injury.
  • Sweating helps you detox: removing waste products like lactic acid and carbon dioxide
  • Warm muscles burn fat more easily.
  • It makes for a great (and safe) cardiovascular workout.

All the mats were provided and already lined up in the studio. All we needed to bring was a towel (to put over the mat) and some water! Trust me you definitely need the water!!!

The facilities are really clean and modern. The changing rooms are equipt with individual showers and hairdryers as well as lockers to keep your things safe.

Sweat studios

Should I give Hot Yoga a go?

The class we did was ‘Hot Mix’ which whilst it states it is for newbies, is a little faster paced so co-ordination is very much needed as you only have a few moments to consider the instruction before getting into the pose. That said Carly the instructor was very happy to help, encourage and support throughout, correcting position and posture when needed. They have a full listing of classes available here and a key outlining the types of classes and the skill level needed. (I think I’m going to book into ‘Warm Candlelit Flow’ next as it sounds really relaxing and just what I need after a full-on week with my three boys!!

If you are completely new to yoga having looked at the classes on offer, and having attended one session, I’d probably recommend trying one of the slower chilled classes first off to ease you in. If you have done yoga before but not sweat yoga, dive straight in and see how having the additional humidity gives you added benefits! You will love it!!

Hot Yoga and Eczema

If you have eczema or skin issues like me this class was absolutely fantastic for it. Honestly because of the added humidity it felt like I was in a steam room so whilst my skin felt hot, my skin didn’t dry out or become too irritated and instead actually felt really lovely afterwards as the heat was helping to rid the body and my skin of toxins. Great added bonus!

Sweat studios
Before-  My skin/ eczema before the Hot Yoga.I have pigmentation from years of eczema damage.
Sweat studios
After – Phew!! It was hot but once my skin cooled down it felt really good!

So if Hot Yoga sounds like something you’d perhaps like to try, currently they are offering a great deal for ‘Newbies!’. 30 days of unlimited Yoga for £39* (if you book before the end of November). How amazing is that? Click here for the offer 


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*Offer on at the time of publishing. Session Gifted however I was not obliged to write this blog post.

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