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Product Review – Childs Farm unfragranced skincare range

February 10, 2019 jemma 5 min read No Comments
Childs farm sensitive range

Product Review – Childs Farm unfragranced skincare range

February 10, 2019 Jemma 5 min read No Comments

Childs Farm got in touch. They told me that they did an unfragranced skincare range and asked if I’d like to try some. If you have followed my instagram page and my previous blogs you will know that we here at number 10 avoid products with perfume in so I jumped at the chance to try some new products on both my skin and the boys.

No Scents here…

My skin…

Due to suffering from eczema and allergies myself and through years of using steroid creams, my skin has become extremely sensitive. There was a time in life (a period of around 2 years in my early 20’s) where fragrances and perfumed products didn’t affect me – strange I know. These days however my skin will react to most synthetic things. As a result, I try, where possible to avoid all parabens, preservatives, perfumes and Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS’s) in products that I use.

My boy’s skin…

My boy’s skin varies. My eldest (6 yrs) is more like me in that his skin reacts to both external and internal triggers. Like me, food plays a part as does the weather and what we use on his skin. The other two (1 and 3) ‘generally’ have what I’d class as ‘normal’ skin which suffers the odd patch of eczema particularly in winter months so I still try to insist on only putting good simple stuff on their skin too.

Childs Farm – Born to be mild!

Childs Farm is a family run company founded by Joanna Jenson after she developed skincare products for her own children. (To read more on the Childs Farm story click here )

After lots of hard work and testing (not on animals) they claim their products are:

  • Dermatologist approved
  • paediatrician approved
  • clinically tested
  • safe for people who may be prone to eczema.
  • suitable for newborns
  • kind, mild and safe to skin


I was sent two products to try.

Childs farm sensitive unfragranced

I was already using the Sensitive Baby wash so this product wasn’t new to me or my boys. I’d used it on their skin from birth and always found it really gentle. I used it myself as a ‘shower gel’ replacement and often washed my hair with it especially on days when my scalp was particularly sensitive. Personally, as I suffer with extremely sensitive eczema prone skin (mainly on my face and neck), I find using a product like this to wash my hair helps. Unlike other shampoos and washes (which contain SLS’s, nasty parabens, fragrances or preservatives) it minimises irritation when it comes into contact with my face i.e when rinsing etc.  I’ve only used one product similar to this before but that was only available to buy on Amazon so the fact that you can pick these up with your weekly shopping at the supermarket is awesome!

I’ve also noticed that this sensitive wash leaves the boys skin extremely soft after a bath even before applying a cream. I presume it’s down to the fact that it doesn’t contain the harsh chemicals that many body washes contain.

Childs farm sensitive range

This is a product that we will continue to be a firm favourite in this house!

Childs farm sensitive unfragrancedThe Childs Farm Moisturiser was a new product for me and the boys. This was the one I was excited about! Main reason being is that I use a lot of moisturiser on my skin. A LOT!! The one I currently use is pretty expensive (my bank balance doesn’t like it!!). I use it as it ticks a lot of boxes (no parabens, preservatives, perfumes etc) and it’s really moisturising keeping my skin moisturised overnight so for me, the stakes are pretty high to find a replacement.

Using the cream…

Before I used the Childs Farm moisturiser, my skin wasn’t great. (See my Skin Update at the time here) I’d had a bad flare over the winter months due to external factors mainly so felt that to use it on the skin that was already badly flaring would be a little unfair as it would make it difficult to be able to gauge if it was reacting or not. (If your skin is suffering as a result of the winter read my blog on ‘top 5 ways to remedy dry skin in winter’ here )

I decided I’d use the Childs Farm Moisturiser on my arms and legs initially to see how I faired as the eczema on my arms wasn’t as bad so thought it would be a good place to start. (Plus I’m always a little scared to try new products on my face for fear of making it worse!)

I applied it to my arms and legs (almost) every night before bed for around two weeks.

How it helped my skin

I needn’t have worried as I was pleasantly surprised by this moisturiser. It rubbed in nicely and didn’t soak in straight away which a lot can do.  It wasn’t irritating at all even on the eczema patches and certainly helped reduce the redness.

Before I started using the Childs Farm unfragranced moisturiser. (
After approx 2 weeks use

It did keep my legs and arms moisturised throughout the night with one application. In the past with other creams that I’ve tried, I’d often end up waking in the night to scratch and would need to reapply cream however this didn’t happen using this moisturiser.

I do have to point out that during this period I did also use a small amount of 1% hydrocortisone on my arms which would have had a slight effect on the eczema patches and their healing.

How it helped my son’s skin

My son tends to get eczema and dry cracked skin on his hands (particularly his knuckles) in winter.  The external factors such as cold weather outside, dry air inside, not drying his hands properly and constantly putting his hands in his mouth (anyone else’s kids do this) all lead to dry cracked and red skin on his hands. I don’t use steroid creams on his skin.

I applied the Childs Farm Moisturiser to his hands daily and noticed they became a lot less irritated and dry. It took the redness down and acted like a barrier to the outside elements. The dry skin was a lot more moisturised and as a result noticed the amount of scratching he did significantly reduced.

We are going to continue using this on his hands whilst the weather is cold and see if we can get them to totally clear up… I’ll post any updates on here.

Before use: My son’s knuckles were dry, red and very itchy from eczema caused by external factors.
Childs farm sensitive range
Using the moisturiser has improved the texture of the skin. It’s less dry and irritated.


I found this range perfect for my families skin. We have a range of skin issues including allergies, dry skin and eczema! These products have allowed us to wash and moisturise without causing additional irritation which so often happens with other shampoos, washes and creams. They are honest products that don’t contain any unnecessary nasties. If you, your child or newborn baby have sensitive skin and/or eczema I would highly recommend this sensitive unfragranced range.

Thank you Childs Farm!


Childs Farm gifted me these items with no obligation to review. The views expressed are purely my own. Contains Aff Links.

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