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Self tan suitable for sensitive skin | Product Review | TanyaWhitebits

January 22, 2020 jemma 4 min read 1 Comment
self tan for sensitive skin

Self tan suitable for sensitive skin | Product Review | TanyaWhitebits

January 22, 2020 Jemma 4 min read 1 Comment

Like most, I feel so much better with a tan however sun-kissed bronzed flawless skin has been a distant memory for me for some time now! Generally, I tan nicely but due to years of steroid cream use and eczema, the pigment in my skin is damaged so if I am to tan, it often goes patchy. Because of this, I try to avoid tanning if I can and instead opt to fake it and use a fake tan. Getting a self tan for sensitive skin is no mean feat and to be honest, I’ve always found it difficult finding one that’s not packed full of nasty chemicals. Read on to see how I got on with this one…..


Whilst online scrolling through some of my favourite Instagram accounts, I noticed a fair few of them had been using a self tan brand I’d not heard of before… TanyaWhitebits! They all looked great, nicely bronzed and certainly looking like they’d had a few weeks on a Greek island so I decided to get in touch with the brand owner to ask a few questions about the products…

A few messages later, one was in the post on it’s way to me!!

Faking it!

I was sent a barrier cream, self-tanning solution (in medium) and an application mitt and was kindly given instructions on how to successfully apply the products.

self tan for sensitive skin
Tanya White Bits Self tan, Barrier cream and Mitt.

As I’ve not used a self-tan for years, I found this helpful and did exactly what I was told. I had to avoid shaving directly before applying (as the product can sit in the open pores- Not a good look!) and to firstly apply the barrier cream to the dry areas such as knees, ankles, and toes, etc. Due to suffering from eczema over the years, I do have ridiculously dry knees and ankles so even when I have nothing on my legs, I have dark patches on my knees and ankles (See picture below!) so I think it’s important to point out early on that this isn’t due to the tan… It’s just my annoying skin!!

BEFORE : My naturally dark pigmented knees from years of dry skin and eczema.

Once the barrier cream is rubbed in you can apply a few pumps of the self-tan to the mitt and apply liberally and evenly to the skin.

The next day you rinse the skin and ta-dah!!! Bronzed sunkissed skin!!

As this was a little test to see how my skin reacts (as you know I normally tend to avoid all perfumes and parabens) I decided just to try this on my legs initially.

(Left) Before, (Right) After. Shade Medium. I’ve since tried ‘Rapid bronze’ too and prefer this shade.

Also got sensitive skin?

I’m told that:

Tanyawhitebits self-tan is free of parabens and alcohol and contains natural and organic ingredients, preservatives and perfume.

Most of these ingredients are seemingly suitable for sensitive skin however can differ depending on the person and their sensitivities. The advice on their site for those with eczema or sensitive skin is:

When applying Tanya Whitebits tanning product to your skin, avoid direct application to affected areas. When unaffected areas have been tanned, use a blender brush or back of velvet tanning mitt to glaze over Eczema area. This will help blend in the tan and prevent dry areas from absorbing too much product which can produce darker patches.

To see more info and their FAQ’s on sensitive skin visit their site here.

Tanned Legs

So far I’ve used this self-tan three times on my legs and have had no reaction what so ever!! YAY!!! What a result!! The products are actually very gentle on the skin and the barrier cream is lovely. In fact, I’d go as far to say, it acts as a great moisturiser!!

self tan for sensitive skin
(Left) Before (Right) After

They do a small sample/travel sized bottle for only 5.99 which is perfect for trying it out to see if it’s suitable for your skin. (Full size is 16.99)

The Verdict

This is a product that I will carry on using, as for me after having years of horrendously sensitive skin and being covered in eczema, being able to have a little pamper session now and then, applying a fake tan is such a luxury and the fact that I can now indulge in this, is honestly amazing!

The only thing I’d say is next time I’m going to go for a slightly darker shade as I like to be a teeny little bit darker especially in the summer.

self tan for sensitive skin

In summary  – What I liked…

  • No ‘fake tan’ smell
  • Vegan and cruelty-free
  • Really moisturising barrier cream
  • Light solution that goes on really easily
  • Free of artificial parabens and alcohol
  • Develops into a really natural looking tan
  • Great price point

This product was gifted to me to try however as I have always said, my reviews are honest and true. I know how hard it is having really reactive skin, and therefore wouldn’t recommend a product that I haven’t used or tried on my own skin.

With any new products and especially for those with super sensitive skin, it’s important to perform a patch test 24 hours before applying liberally to ensure no reactions occur.


Have you tried this Self-tan?

How did you find it?


I really hope you have enjoyed this review.

Feel free to share it!

(Gifted items in this review)

Original post 13/05/2019

Updated 22/01/2020

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  • Gale September 29, 2021 at 4:16 pm

    Loved this blog. Really help us people of all ages on how to wear prints etc . Thankyou

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