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The sexy NEW EyebrowQueen Essential Shadow Palette that you need!

January 10, 2022 jemma 6 min read No Comments
eyebrowqueen essentials brow pallet

The sexy NEW EyebrowQueen Essential Shadow Palette that you need!

January 10, 2022 Jemma 6 min read No Comments


I love a good strong brow! Having lost a lot of my brow hairs over the past few years whilst battling through my skin condition, I can safely say they are now the best they have been and looking on point if I do say so myself! 😉 I get a lot of compliments on my brows which I think is due to a combination of two things. 1- A good brow shape (thanks to my fab eyebrow lady for threading them every 3-4 weeks over the past 5 years) and 2- Great eyebrow products.  In this blog I will be sharing the EyebrowQueens Essential Shadow Palette with you as letting you know just how fabulous it is!

[Post contains pr products and Aff links]


For the past 3 years I’ve been using brow products by Milton Keynes based company, EyebrowQueen owned by celebrity beauty therapist and brow technician, the Brow Queen herself Nilam Holmes. Despite having ridiculously sensitive and reactive skin as well as being eczema-prone, the Eyebrowqueen range has been absolutely amazing for me causing me zero reactions. They have recently launched their NEW Essential Shadow Palette which I wanted to share with you… Here is my Product Review | EyebrowQueen Essential Shadow Palette. 

EyebrowQueen Essentials Shadow Palette

What I currently use on my brows

First off for the last 3 years, I’ve been using the Brow Pro pencil and Brow Colour Boost by EyebrowQueen. Both products in my view are amazing and stand out from the rest on the market. Firstly the Brow Pro is a nifty brow pencil that allows you to draw the finest lines allowing you to create realistic-looking hair strokes in places that may be lacking a few hairs. The self-sharpening tip of the pencil is triangular which creates a pointed end enabling you to make those fine lines whilst the other side of the pencil is wider for you to be able to shade in areas that you need to. It also has a really useful fine brow brush on the other end of the pencil so you can brush the brows into place.  The Brow Colour Boost is what I use to coat the hairs with colour to make them appear slightly darker. The product contains fibres that attach to even the shortest hairs to make the brow hairs appear thicker, giving your brows more volume and oomph!

Now I bet you’re wondering why I’d want to use anything else seeing as these products work perfectly… In my view The Essentials Shadows Palette is a great addition to my brow make-up tool kit. Here’s why…

Left eyebrow with nothing on, Right eyebrow after using the eyebrow queen products.
(Image was taken on Instagram and has a filter on my skin for clarity)

In the picture above, you can see the definition created using EyebrowQueen products. The brow appears darker, fuller, stronger and slightly lifted.

My 3 favourite things about the EyebrowQueen Essentials Shadow Palette

  1. The primer! I love that the primer acts as a ‘makeup magnet’ holding on to the shadows and brow products to help them stick and last longer throughout the day. 
  1. The colours options available. The palettes are available in 7 amazing shades (including 2 shades for blondes, 4 for brunettes and a black) and each palette has three shadows; a light, medium and darker pigment (as well as the primer)  allowing you to really tailor the look to suit your natural colours. The powders are buildable too allowing you to achieve both natural and bold dramatic eyebrow looks depending on your preference. 
  1. The oil content in the ingredients. The brow shadows and primer contain some really nourishing oils such as Jojoba, Argon, Grapeseed and Sunflower seed to really condition the brows and skin meaning your brows will be kept in tip-top condition daily.  Anything that is good for the skin gets a thumbs up from me!
The Essentials Shadow Palette contains 1 primer and 3 brow shadows

Sexy packaging to swoon over

I adore the smoking hot product packaging on all the EyebrowQueen products. The aesthetics ooze sophistication and elegance. The new Essentials Shadow palette is no exception. The eyebrow shadows come in a stunning reflective colour-of-the-year rose gold compact with an appealing internal mirror the full size of the lid for easy ‘on-the-go- applications and touch-ups.   

Why I think you need an Eyebrow Palette

Celebs love it!

Let’s start by saying Celebs LOVE EyebrowQueens products. FACT! You only have to have a quick scroll through EyebrowQueens Instagram to see the likes of Alexandra Burke, Frankie Bridge, Mollie King, Katie Piper and Rochelle Hulmes all loving their products. If you want A-List brows, then you need this brand in your life.

The products are really good! They speak for themselves which is why the celebs and celebrity make up artists love them. EyebrowQueens gorgeous Essential Shadow Palette contains a silky smooth primer and three velvety pigmented shadows.

How I use the EyebrowQueen Shadow Palette

Applying the primer to your brows first and then brushing them through with your brow brush not only tidies them up but feels like it is conditioning the brows due to the nourishing oil content in the ingredients. It also allows your eyebrow products to adhere nicely to the brows too. You don’t get this just using an eyebrow pencil. 

After I’ve primed my brows, I apply my Brow Colour Boost to carefully thicken up any areas that need it (normally the arches). I then mix the darker shadow from the palette with the primer to make a pomade and apply this to the bottom line of my brows to create a nice neat line up towards my arch and continue it down the eyebrow tails. I repeat this on the top line of my brows.

Using a lighter shade shadow from the palette, I then apply a small amount to the bulb of my brows and carefully blend it upwards towards the arches creating a natural-looking ombre effect (with the darkest part of my brows being the arches). The shadows allow you to really blend the colours together whilst the primer allows the shadow to stick nicely giving the pigment in the shadows a boost, which is perfect for those who wish to achieve a more bold brow.

If I use an eyebrow palette, do I still need an eyebrow pencil?

It depends on the eyebrow look you are going for. If you want a ‘powder brow’ look then no you won’t need a pencil as well as the palette, however if you are looking to add hair strokes to thicken, a brow pencil will help you achieve this.

It is a little more difficult using a brush and brow powder to ‘draw’ hair strokes so I’d suggest using an eyebrow pencil in addition to the EyebrowQueens Essential Shadow palette. The Brow Pro is great at allowing you to draw THE FINEST hair strokes to give the illusion of more eyebrow hairs.

Using a combination of the three products that I’ve mentioned in this blog will have your brows looking amazing. Our brows frame our face so it REALLY important to get them looking as pretty as the picture they frame!

If you want to try the EyebrowQueens Essential Shadow Palette (or indeed any of the brow products) head over to their site to shop.

I will be sharing some stories on my instagram (@jems_life_styled) showing you how I use these gorgeous products so head over and join me over there too.

If you are after some top tips and advice from Nilam on how to get the ‘best looking brows’, visit their blog or their Instagram! It’s well worth a visit!



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