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Makeup tutorial | Foundation (For eczema prone, red, dry skin)

March 18, 2019 jemma 3 min read No Comments
make up for eczemaq prone skin make up tutorial

Makeup tutorial | Foundation (For eczema prone, red, dry skin)

March 18, 2019 Jemma 3 min read No Comments

This video shows you how I cover up my sensitive, red, dry skin using makeup.

Makeup tutorial | Foundation (For eczema prone, red, dry skin)

Eczema / Red Skin Syndrome

If you aren’t already aware, I suffer from a skin condition which started as Eczema then progressed to #RedSkinSyndrome. It’s a condition caused by stopping the use of topical steroid creams used to treat the original eczema condition. (To find out about Topical Steroid Addiction and withdrawal read my blog ‘‘What is topical steroid withdrawal? (TSW)’ here.

To read about how my skin is currently, as I write this, read my blogs ‘My skin updates  here.

Posting my worst online!

I’ll be honest, I still can’t quite believe I am posting these videos online although I’ve grown to feel as liberated about it as I do nervous, so swings and roundabouts right!?!

With an overwhelming response to my Instagram story (asking if anyone would be keen to see me apply makeup), I decided to bite the bullet and go for it! Most people share videos and images when they look and feel their best however I think it’s important to show that that’s often not real life. There are so many of us who have conditions whether that be scars or skin complaints, I thought I’d share this video to raise awareness as well as to help those who need help it when trying to apply makeup to difficult skin!

We become our own experts!!

In all seriousness, it is daunting posting these videos online however one of the main reasons I started this blog was to be able to offer up my experience gained over the years living with eczema (and now red skin syndrome.) Not medical or professional experience or advice, just general ‘life experience!’ having lived with a condition like eczema for all these years! For years I have covered up my bad skin and as a result, a lot of people were unaware that I even suffered (especially to the extent at which I do) So, with that, I figured that perhaps I was doing a good enough job concealing it all with makeup so thought, why not share it??!!

So after many years trying different makeup brands, I think I’ve fine-tuned it now and would say

‘I’ve got it covered!!’

(I couldn’t resist, sorry!!)

Makeup Tutorial – Foundation

Makeup Products for eczema prone, sensitive skin

(All bought and paid for by me)

If you haven’t already, watch Part 1 to see how I prepare the skin for make up.

Make sure to check back soon for the part 3 | Eyes and lips to finish.
Thanks for watching!!!?





All items in this blog post were paid for by myself and are products that I use and believe in. This blog post does contains affiliate links. This means if you make a purchase through one of the links on this blog, I will make a very small commission. Please note, this doesn’t effect the price you pay.

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