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How to remove makeup without irritating sensitive skin.

June 14, 2021 jemma 3 min read No Comments

How to remove makeup without irritating sensitive skin.

June 14, 2021 Jemma 3 min read No Comments

I have to admit, removing makeup at the end of the day is not my favourite thing to do but ya-know, needs must and all that!  It’s an essential part of my routine as leaving makeup on over night is not good for the skin, especially when you have a skin condition like me! All too often I’d be left with clean but irritated skin however read on to see how to remove makeup without irritating your sensitive skin.

How I used to remove my makeup

I was a ‘cotton wool and micellar water kinda girl’ and up until recently thought this was a good combo instead of using makeup remover wipes (which we all know are bad for the environment.) However having suffered with eczema and then having gone through Topical Steroid Withdrawal my skin had become even more sensitive and reactive so even the most gentle micellar water was making my skin react.

Single-use Cotton pads are a no-no 

I was also saddened to learn that despite cotton being a natural material, cotton pads don’t biodegrade due to the bleaching processes so once used they head straight for landfill!
Not only this but the amount of water needed to grow and produce cotton in the first place is honestly astronomical so I thought if I could cut single use cotton pads from my daily routine, and instead opt for something kind to my skin and a little less damaging to the environment I’d be on to a good thing surely?

Here’s how to remove makeup without irritating sensitive skin… Reusable Makeup remover pads

How I remove my makeup now!

Two things that I love: things that are gentle and kind to my ridiculously sensitive skin and things that are gentle and kind to the world we live in…

Enter the ‘Reusable’ makeup remover pads…

reusable make up remover pads real beauty london
Real Beauty LONDON Reusable cleansing pads | Use code JEM10 for 10% off site wide.

Makeup remover pads literally need warm water to get to work on removing your makeup as the clever microfibers pick up the makeup particles, dirt, oil and dead skin clogged deep inside your pores.  Recently I’ve been using the ‘Reusable cleansing pads by RealBEAUTY London and absolutely love how they remove even the most stubborn makeup in a jiffy! The fluffy and luxurious pads are nontoxic, reusable and can be washed around 200 times before you can recycle them.  

I love the fact that I can remove all my makeup including mascara and lipstick without having to apply chemical based makeup remover products to my skin… literally just water. The pads are also great at gently removing the flaky skin that is often associated with eczema and TSW and is also great at minimising the risk of infections that those with skin conditions are prone to. 

Reusable cleansing pads:

  • Perfect for those with sensitive skin 
  • Uses only water
  • Made of clever microfibres
  • Chemical free
  • Recyclable 
  • Machine washable
  • Quick drying 
  • Non-Toxic
  • Great for those who like to travel light
  • Help to reduce the amount of single-use cotton pads/wipes heading for landfill.
  • Save you money on makeup remover products and single use cotton wool/wipes
  • Value for money

Since using the microfibre cleansing pads I’ve found that:

  • Foundation makeup goes on more evenly as there is less flaky skin
  • Allergic reactions around my eyes have drastically reduced as I’m no longer using liquid cleansers that can be harsh
  • Moisturisers and serums seem to absorb better 
  • My skin feels cleaner

If you want to make the switch, you can try the RealBEAUTY London 3 pack of Reusable cleaning pads with 10% off using my *code: JEM10 at checkout. 

Not only will your skin thank you for making the switch but the environment will too!!


Not only will your skin thank you, the environment will too!

Jem – Nonscentst at no 10

Contains AD-Pr product.  *This discount code is site wide. 

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