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My top 3 foundations for sensitive skin (with spf)

August 15, 2020 jemma 3 min read No Comments

My top 3 foundations for sensitive skin (with spf)

August 15, 2020 Jemma 3 min read No Comments

If like, me you suffer with sensitive skin and are prone to eczema or other related skin conditions, it can be hard finding a foundation that is gentle on the skin but which also offers protection from the sun. Most suncreams and foundations which contain SPF also contain harsh chemicals, preservatives and perfumes which can cause unwanted irritation. Here I share my top 3 tried and tested foundations for sensitive skin, all of which offer sun protection too.

Makeup/ Foundations with SPF


Day to day I use the Clinique Redness Solution Foundation SPF 15. I’ve used this for years and find that it’s perfect at covering any redness from eczema (and whilst my skin is recovering from steroid cream dependancy) whilst also protecting my face from the suns UV rays. It’s really gentle and one of my favourite products. I apply it generously (making sure to include my nose and neck). And like a suncream, you have to reapply regularly for it to work effectively. On particularly hot sunny days, I apply the Officina Naturae Crema under it to give me additional protection. Check out my favourite suncreams for sensitive and eczema prone skin on my blog, ‘Suncream for Eczema-prone and Sensitive skin’

Beneficial probiotic technology helps support skin’s natural barrier. Helps keep environmental triggers at bay with SPF, plus it contains antioxidants. (Clinique)

  • SPF 15
  • Colour-correcting which evens out skin tone (including blushing, flushing and redness)
  • Probiotic technology strengthens the skin’s barrier
Wearing the Clinique Redness solution foundation when my skin was suffering from ‘Red Skin Syndrome. You can see how good the coverage is.

Watch how I apply the Clinique redness solution to cover my red skin on my Youtube tutorial.


Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation SPF 15.  is another liquid foundation that I have tried and which I got on really well with. I bought this from a local vegan fair and really liked it. It can be built up to provide thicker coverage depending on your skin. Again it would need to be reapplied regularly for it to be used instead as a sun cream for the face.  This does contain potassium sorbate (one of the milder preservative that I tend to avoid) but despite that my skin didn’t react to it. Suncream for eczema

  • SPF 15 protects agains UVA/UVB rays
Bare Minerals*

I also use the Bare minerals original Foundation powder when away as its quicker to whack a covering of powder on my face say when you are at the beach instead of applying foundation. It’s SPF15 in the form of minerals: Zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They are physical sunscreens. This means they create a layer of protection over your skin that reflects UVA and UVB rays. It’s a great product to use when your face is oily or feeling greasy when in the sun being that it’s a powder.

Great for sensitive skin, our most popular mineral foundation protects your face with SPF 15 and diminishes the appearance of imperfections without drying skin out, giving you flawless coverage with a naturally luminous finish. This is makeup so pure that it won’t cause breakouts-even if you sleep in it. (Bare Minerals)

make up sun protection for eczema prone skin

  • Great for sensitive skin,
  • Mineral SPF 15
  • So pure it won’t cause breakouts-even if you sleep in it.

Hopefully this has helped you identify some foundations that you can use which won’t cause any additional unwanted irritation. It is worth noting however that everyones allergies, sensitivities and skin are different so whilst I’ve identified these as being non-irritating, it’s always best to try a small amount before applying on your whole face.


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*All items in this blog I have paid for myself and use however this blog does contain affiliate links. This means that if you purchase the items via the links provided, I will make a very small commission. It will not cost you any more.

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