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Top Tips To Avoid Hayfever This Pollen Season

May 2, 2019 jemma 3 min read No Comments
Avoid Hayfever This Pollen Season

Top Tips To Avoid Hayfever This Pollen Season

May 2, 2019 Jemma 3 min read No Comments


With pollen season already upon us, those who suffer from hay fever will already be anticipating the misery that it can cause. I suffer pretty badly. It affects my nose, eyes and my skin. It’s bad enough that I rarely have my windows open past 10:30 am and will always be seen with huge oversized sunglasses on even when it’s not sunny!!! To find out more… read on as I share all my ‘Top Tips To Avoid Hayfever This Pollen Season.’

Prepare your face

To avoid hayfever this pollen season, I always apply vaseline up my nose before I head out!!! Yep!! You read right! Up. my. nose! It catches those pesky pollen particles that we inhale and stop them entering the system. (This is the time when you will fully appreciate all those tiny nose hairs… they are so useful and are great for catching all those pollen particles so make sure you don’t get rid of them all!)

Also, apply some vaseline to the cheekbone by the eye – just a small amount will be enough to catch any pollen from entering your eyes.  I also wear a really sticky lip gloss. Anything super sticky that can act as a ‘glue’ to that nasty pollen.

Avoid Hayfever This Pollen Season
Apply vaseline up your nose to catch the pollen.

Wear big sunglasses

I find wearing oversized wrap-around sunglasses helps stop the itchy eyes associated with hayfever. They act as a barrier to stop the pollen particles entering the system through your eyes.

Avoid Hayfever This Pollen Season

Wear a hat

I almost always wear a hat when I’m out and about in high pollen areas such as parks, fields, gardens, at the farm, etc and in the evening sun. By wearing a hat any falling pollen will not fall onto your face reducing the amount entering your system. (If you can tuck your hair up in the hat too it will save you doing another of my tips later!)

Avoid Hayfever This Pollen Season
Wear a hat and wrap around glasses. I really thought I’d react when we went on our easter egg hunt out in the fields but I didn’t!!

Close the vents in your car

Switch your car air vents to ‘recycle’ the air. This will basically clean and recycle the air that’s already in the car instead of bringing fresh ‘pollen filled’ air into the car.

Avoid Hayfever This Pollen Season
Close the air vents in your car.

Change clothes

Swap your clothes when you get in on days when the pollen count is high. Relax of an evening in fresh clothes instead of ones that may lead to irritation.

Wash your hair before bed

If you have been out and about (in the park, at the farm basically any really grassy or filled with trees) when you get in wash your hair. Your hair can trap pollen particles and then irritate your skin and eyes when you go to sleep so best to rid them before you hop into bed.  (If you are after a good shampoo that’s pretty mild for those with sensitive skin, pop over and have a read of my review of the Childs Farm Fig range here …Product Review | Childs Farm Organic Fig Shampoo and Conditioner.

(If you can’t be bothered to wash your hair, blast it with the hair drier instead!)

Keep your washing inside

I find I get really itchy if I wear clothes that have been dried out on the line. All those pollen particles can settle on your washing and can irritate your skin. I tend to dry my bed linen and any clothing that touches my skin, indoors and then hang my husbands washing outside as he’s not affected.

Have your medication handy

Always have you hayfever medication handy. I tend to take an antihistamine every evening as this is when my symptoms seem to get worse and it means I’ll get a better nights sleep. I also use a non-steroid nasal spray too to help with the sneezing and eye drops for when my eyes become unbearably itchy.

Avoid Hayfever This Pollen Season
I take Fexofenadine daily – it’s one that you need a prescription for so speak to your Doctor if you need to.

Avoid late night pollen

Pollen drops in the evenings so avoid it when you can by closing your windows in the morning to ensure it doesn’t enter your home via your windows and irritate you later in the day. Also if you are outside in the garden of an evening, follow these tips to prevent those unwanted symptoms!!


Did you find this blog helpful…? 

Are there any tips here that are new to you? 

If you have any other useful tips, let me know!

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