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Dairy Free Halloween cupcakes

October 24, 2019 jemma 3 min read No Comments
Dairy free halloween cupcakes

Dairy Free Halloween cupcakes

October 24, 2019 Jemma 3 min read No Comments

With many of us in the throws of half term, you will most likely be searching for things to do with the kiddies to keep them busy. With three young boys who all love having stuff to do and who are ALWAYS  hungry, I thought, why not get them baking. As an allergy mum, I like to do activities that are inclusive that all my kiddies can enjoy and baking is one of them as I can ensure the cakes are both nut and dairy-free! Here’s a quick ‘how-to‘ on how to make some super fun, simple and delicious dairy-free Halloween cupcakes!

The Cakes…

As mentioned in previous posts I like to use the ready-mix by Tesco food! There’s no dairy listed in the ingredients, it’s super easy and cheap too. For the baking method click my blog post here … (‘Homemade’ Dairy Free Cake Hack). Essentially it’s the same method, you just divide the mixture up into 12 cupcake cases and bake for 15 minutes instead.

‘Homemade’ Dairy Free Cupcakes

What you will need for the decorations…

To make things easier I tend to prep the decorations a little beforehand and often put one together first so the children have something visual to copy.

Here’s what you will need to prepare in advance to help the little ones…

  • Oreo style biscuits (Often free of dairy – make sure to check if you are buying own brand!)
  • Black ready-to-roll sugar paste icing
  • Sugar sprinkles
  • Frosting ( Betty Crocker – Again no dairy listed in the ingredients but make sure to check whichever one you use)

‘Homemade’ Dairy Free Cupcakes

The Spider cupcake

  1. Get the children to pipe a splodge of frosting in the middle of the cake.
  2. Using a fork, ask them to press out the icing from the centre outwards to look like a web.
  3. Pop a whole biscuit on top for the body.
  4. Roll out some of the black sugar paste icing and cut into strips for the legs.
  5. Add 4 legs on either side.
  6. Roll some tiny balls out of the black sugar paste for eyes.

Done!!‘Homemade’ Dairy Free Cupcakesdairy free halloween cakes

Bat Cakes

  1. Similarly, pipe a splodge of frosting in the middle of the cupcake.
  2. Cut a biscuit in half and stand it up on the middle of the cake.
  3. Take two further halves of a biscuit and pipe a small amount of frosting on one side to act as the glue to stick the wings to the back of the bats body.
  4. Do the same for the ears (the tiny triangle biscuit cut-offs) and attach to the top of the body.
  5. Use the sugar sprinkles for the eyes and ta-dah!! Bat cakes.

dairy free halloween cakes

Monster cakes

These are really simple Dairy free halloween cupcakes and the kids loved these!

  • Put any style nozzle on a piping bag – They crazier the better!
  • Add food colouring to the vanilla frosting – We used Gel food colour.
  • Pip over the entire top of the cake.
  • Add three eyes (and a mouth if you wish)
  • Sprinkles if you really want to indulge 😉

It really is that simple!!

dairy free halloween cakes

They aren’t perfect but I’m sure you will agree my boys did a fabulous job!

I think they enjoyed making them almost as much as eating them!!

Will you be making your own Halloween Cupcakes with your kiddies? 


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