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How to make an espresso martini at home

May 2, 2020 jemma 2 min read No Comments
how to make an espresso martini at home

How to make an espresso martini at home

May 2, 2020 Jemma 2 min read No Comments

So it would appear a few of you are after my cocktail recipe so I thought I’d share this with you…Here’s How to make an espresso martini at home!

Not only is it super tasty, it is really simple and only uses three ingredients (plus ice).

What you will need to make my espresso martini


  • Cocktail shaker (This one is the same as what I’ve got – click here)
  • Cocktail strainer
  • Martini glass 
Buy your cocktail shaker and glasses here!

How to make an espresso martini

This may not be how others make it, but it’s how I make mine … strong!! 😉

  1. Pour a spoonful of instant coffee into a cup. Add a small amount of boiling water to make the espresso shot. (Don’t use too much water here as it will make the drink too runny – just enough to make a shot!)
  2. Add lots of ice to the cocktail shaker. (Read on to see why you need the right type of ice!)
  3. Add a double shot of vodka into the shaker
  4. Next add a double shot of coffee liqueur into the shaker too.
  5. Finally, add the espresso coffee shot.
  6. Now Shake it!!!!! Shake it lots and lots!
  7. Finally pour into your martini glass using the strainer to stop the ice from going in the glass.
  8. Et voila!! One espresso martini with a fabulously frothy top!!


Top tip…

It’s all in the ICE!!

I won a cocktail making class a few years ago and took away a fab tip that I thought I’d share! The key to getting the perfect espresso martini with a good amount of froth is the ICE!! You need to use big ice! Small ice cubes or crushed ice melts too quickly and makes the cocktail too watery! I’ve got a silicone ice cube tray that makes big cubes, perfect for these cocktails (see below)! If you are struggling to get a frothy top, you may need to use less water in the espresso shot, shake it for a little longer and use bigger ice!!!

You can buy the silicone ice trays that I use here (along with a few other suggestions)…

Whether you’ve been keen to try an espresso martini for ages or if you’re a little bored of the gin and tonics and want to try something a little different, I hope you enjoy this ‘How to make the perfect espresso martini’ recipe!

If you are after other dairy free recipes, click here.

If you make one please tag me and show me!! I’d love to see how you get on!


Cheers beauts!!

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