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5 reasons you should shop sustainably | This is Unfolded

November 20, 2021 jemma 4 min read No Comments

5 reasons you should shop sustainably | This is Unfolded

November 20, 2021 Jemma 4 min read No Comments

In a day and age where we’re waking up to the impact that we’re having on the environment, it would appear that many are starting to do their bit to make a positive difference. Some are choosing to cut meat from their diets and eat more plant-based, some are opting to swap the car for a bike whilst some are switching their fast-fashion shopping habits for more sustainable brands. Sustainably conscious clothing brand This is Unfolded are making it easy for those who want high-quality clothing, without the environmental impact. This brand offers beautifully made clothing, no waste, competitive highstreet pricing and what’s more they also fund educational projects for kiddies! Keep reading for my 5 reasons you should shop sustainably with This is Unfolded…

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#1 – Shopping from a sustainably conscious company reduces clothing waste and over production

According to This is Unfolded 30% of clothes are never sold and the vast majority of these end up in landfill.’  As a result, they have decided to redesign the whole fashion model to help reduce the waste associated with overproduction.

Instead of mass-producing thousands of items on the off chance that they are popular and get purchased, This is Unfolded spend a great deal of time researching trends; what people want, what styles, prints and fabrics are popular, and instead make clothing to order. When you buy something from their website, the items are made specifically for you meaning zero waste. Not only this, the materials are sustainable and currently, only 5% of their clothing products have man-made materials in them. Any excess fabric that they have at the end of their production line is donated to local companies for rug making/stuffing. Sounds great to me!

Wrap dress by This Is Unfolded (Gifted)

My 2nd reason why you should shop sustainably…

#2 Less waste means higher pay and education programmes

Because there is less waste, less need for overproduction and less expenditure, This is Unfolded are able to pay their workers higher wages for the work that they do. They also fund education programmes near the factories that they use with their partners, Pratham. Pratham is a leading non-government organisation in India that reaches millions of children each year across 21 states, providing support from basic literacy to arithmetic skills. (Read more about their educational programs that This Is Unfolded help to fund here).

#3 Less waste means competative prices

By removing the excess waste This Is Unfolded are able to make the clothes at really affordable prices, similar to those on the highstreet. Despite all the amazing benefits that This is Unfolded offer there are no ridiculously high price tags.

#4 Recyclable and sustainable packaging

This is Unfolded send all parcels and packages out using recycled and biodegradable bags. All packaging bags – garment and outer are recycled and biodegradable, and not only that but they continue to work with partners to offset all carbon emissions generated through the transportation process.  This is a clothing brand that is taking sustainability very seriously!

#5 Have your say and help the design process by joining the Creator Community

Once you purchase through This Is Unfolded, you are invited to join their community where you can have an input into future collections! They believe that in order to make this work and for the changes to happen, it needs a community behind it.

The Unfolded Creator community is at the heart of everything we do. They’re our heart, soul and driving force in the decisions we make at every point in our journey



  • Design each collection from starting sketches to the final colours/prints of every products.
  • Help us decide some of the strategic decisions we make
  • Get first access to new collections and exclusive sales
  • Connect with people just like you who want to make a positive impact with their clothing choices
  • Swap items with the community and have This is Unfolded pick up the postage.
  • Take part in exclusive Unfolded photo shoots with new collections

How amazing is that?

My top picks from This is Unfolded

So without further ado, I wanted to share my favourite pieces with you from their

03 collection


Ellie Woven Check PJ set | KAREN – BUTTON DOWN SHIRT |

So what are you waiting for, head over and check out This is Unfolded and get 15% off purchases using code ‘JEM’ at check out.

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