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How to wear pattern and print | Style Edit

September 4, 2021 jemma 5 min read No Comments

How to wear pattern and print | Style Edit

September 4, 2021 Jemma 5 min read No Comments

Print and pattern is everywhere and is certainly going to be present in the AW21 collections in the form of chintzy florals and tartan power suits so if you aren’t on board, it’s perhaps time you explored and dabbled a little. If up until now muted tones and ‘minimal chic’ were your thing, it’s high time for some bold patterns and prints! But if going ‘all out’ scares you we show you how you can introduce pattern and print into your wardrobe whilst feeling comfortable and still YOU! Here we give you a quick rundown on how to wear pattern and print so that whether you decide to go for it and rock head-to-toe print or slowly introduce a pattern into your wardrobe, you’ll do it the right way!

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Leopard Print | Why you need Leopard print in your wardrobe

Let’s start with one of my favourite prints…Leopard print. Leopard print is everywhere and it doesn’t seem to be going anywhere soon! Gone are the days when it was only acceptable for the likes of ‘Kat Slater’ from Eastenders to wear it. It’s 2021 and totally acceptable to wear leopard print at any time of the day to any event! Whether you see it as a staple neutral, or you clash it with other bold prints, this print will see you right through from warm summer days to cold winter nights! You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who doesn’t own something leopard print so whether you dabble with the odd accessory or go all out with head-to-toe leopard print, adding this popular pattern to your wardrobe see you right!

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Floral print | Not just for summer!

We all know that florals scream summer! Whether you opt for bold and bright floral prints or cute and ditsy patterns, you can not get away from the fact that florals in summer are a must! That said, as we transition to autumn/winter, you will see the return of chintzy florals with an antique-style twist in gorgeous autumnal colour pallets made using some beautiful luxuriously looking fabrics – think grand manor upholstery fabrics and you’re halfway there!

With so many gorgeous floral prints to choose from this autumn, you will be spoilt for choice.

Here’s some autumnal floral favourites…

floral dresses autumn winter style
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Gingham print | For 2021 style

Some of you may be able to remember wearing gingham checked summer dresses at school but you will be pleased to know that gingham in 2021 is bigger, brighter and bolder than ever before. But don’t let that scare you off this print! We’ve seen the shop rails filled with pretty gingham blouses and summer dresses, but as we move towards the colder months, we are seeing gingham in bold bright colours in transitional items like shackets and shirts, accessories and footwear. If the boldness of this print leaves you feeling a little unsure, I’d go for a classic item that is subtle and won’t date like a monochrome gingham shirt. You can’t go wrong with this in my view. Whether you layer it, wear it as a ‘Shacket’ or under a cute sweater, a hint or nod to this trend will make sure you are embracing one of the trends this year.

This oversized, gingham shirt in black and white is a great choice. Worn with mom jeans and trainers or worn loose over pleather legging, it’s an easy look to pull off.

Mango gingham Monochrome shirt | £35.99

Mango gingham Monochrome shirt | £35.99

Advice from style coach Janine…

Janine, a Milton Keynes based style and brand image coach who helps inspire and empower women to find their style and confidence, chatted to me to share her ‘do’s and don’ts when it comes to wearing pattern and print.

Do’s and don’ts when wearing pattern and print

  1. Before deciding on a print, consider the shape of your frame. If you are larger/taller you will be able to wear a larger print or pattern however on a small frame, these can often overwhelm. If you are of a small frame, instead perhaps opt for smaller prints. 
  2. Vertical stripes elongate the body and will therefore work well on petite frames as they will give the illusion of looking taller especially if worn top-to-toe.
  3. If prints and patterns scare you a little and you are afraid to wear them in a maxi dress or suit, for example, choose to wear a print on either the top OR bottom half and then wear an accent colour from the print to accompany it. 
  4. If you are new to prints, consider the colours that you normally wear. If you normally wear muted and subtle colours, a bold geometric print may make you feel a little overwhelmed and out of your comfort zone. Instead, choose a print that is in the same colour palette that you would normally wear. You will feel much more confident in that. 
  5. If you don’t like wearing prints or patterns, try incorporating colourful patterns and prints using accessories as they can really add the drama to your outfits without overwhelming you. Scarfs, handbags, belts and shoes in prints such as leopard print can really elevate a look.

Finally, If you want to try a pattern but are unsure which to start with, I’d go for a leopard print as not only is it classed as a neutral these days, it’s also a classic and won’t date! Plus you can combine it with so many other patterns… when you’re brave enough 😉

Big thanks to Janine from Own Your Style for sharing her tips. Make sure to follow Janine on Instagram to keep up with her style and branding tips.

What patterns/prints will you be trying this autumn?

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