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Days out with the kids | Milton Keynes Museum

February 22, 2019 jemma 6 min read No Comments
Days out with the kids Milton Keynes Musuem

Days out with the kids | Milton Keynes Museum

February 22, 2019 Jemma 6 min read No Comments

If you are looking for a nice day out which the whole family can enjoy, something that won’t cost the earth, pop over to the Milton Keynes Museum.

Having grown up in Milton Keynes, I’d heard of the Milton Keynes Museum but had never visited. To be honest I’d always thought it may be a bit dare I say ‘boring’. There were no dinosaurs or huge skeletons which is normally a must being a parent of boys who love that sort of thing.  My mother in law suggested it for a day out over half term so I thought, why not? Let’s give it a go and I’m so pleased we did! The boys and their cousins loved it!

Days out with the kids Milton Keynes Museum


Getting there

Satnav code is: MK12 5EL

Make sure to check their website for the opening times as during some months they only open weekends!

On arrival

Bearing in mind it was half term it was obviously busier than usual. We arrived at 10:45 (It opens at 11 am) and there was already a queue. There was plenty of space to park (there is an overflow car park too) and the queue didn’t take long to filter through at all – Well the time it took to polish of some pom bears!

Prices for Milton Keynes Museum 

Kids under 5 go free and we were informed that if you keep your receipt you can revisit for free within the year!

  • Adults: £9
    Children aged 5-16: £6.00
    Under 5s: free
    Families (2 Adults + Up To Four Children): £26.00
    Retired and unwaged: £7.00 (For our disabled visitors we are happy to admit one carer free of charge)

Activities at Milton Keynes Museum

Once we’d paid, we got ushered through to a lady who gave us the activity sheets along with pencils (which could be returned later in exchange for a sweet!!!) The chances of that were pretty slim but hey, we thought we’d at least try!

(Toilets are located here so we did a quick loo break before we got started!)

To give you an idea my boy’s ages at the time of our visit were 16 months, 3.5 years and 6. My niece and nephew also came and they were 8 and 10 yrs! I took the pushchair and didn’t struggle at all really access wise. (It was busy so I got in the way a little bit but otherwise, it was fine!)

We had to visit each room/area and look for coloured bunting that corresponded with the clues on the activity sheet. It was something they all got involved in (except the baby of course!)

Days out with the kids Milton Keynes Museum
Potion making

Days out with the kids Milton Keynes Museum

They were also offering potion making (for a small contribution although not essential!) and colouring activities in the barn! Again as it was half term it was a little busy so we had to wait 5 minutes which was fine as they did the colouring activity whilst we waited. (All the kids got involved in this activity and really enjoyed it!)

The House

There were so many rooms and areas, all completely different offering new things to see and do. They loved the outside garden and bomb bunker which they could sit in. They especially enjoyed the old school classroom where they sat at old wooden desks and wrote on the slate boards listening to the volunteer telling them facts about the old school days (My 6 yr old is a sucker for a good fact!!). The toy room was filled with old toys, many of which they could relate to as they have similar in their playroom at home like the xylophone, hobby horse etc. A lot of museums have loads to look at but no ‘old stuff’ to get their hands on whereas there was plenty for them to touch and feel here!

Days out with the kids Milton Keynes Musuem
Writing on slate boards in the old classrooms
Days out with the kids Milton Keynes Museum
The Vegetable Garden where they got to go in the underground bunker
We had to queue for 5 minutes to get in to the old traditional kitchen which gave the children the opportunity to toast bread on the open stove. They loved the fact they got to butter it and eat it too!!

Days out with the kids Milton Keynes Musuem

Through to the street.

Through the kitchen, we went on to the old street where the kids could take a walk into an old pharmacy (which actually smelt of medicine!) and an old pub (with a traditional phone that worked!). Their favourite was visiting the post office where they could buy some real sweets from jars behind the counter!! (£1 gets you a quarter so remember to take change). Also be sure to check the ingredients of the sweets if you or your kids suffer allergies – cross contamination happens in the sweet shop!!

They had a Balloon artist giving away free balloons which the kids loved (He was also a magician which left a little to be desired though – my super quick son spotted his tricks a mile off!!)

Days out with the kids Milton Keynes Museum
In the pub!
days out with the kids at Milton Keynes Museum
Bought a quarter of traditional sweets at the post office

(This part is cobbled floor so if you are in a wheelchair or have a sleeping baby in the pram, it’s a little bumpy!)

The technology room at Milton Keynes Museum

The kids loved the technology room with all the old phones in! They were able to touch and make calls using the old phones, as well as the old coding machines! My boys love a button etc so they thoroughly enjoyed this room!

There was an old phone which the kids could use to ring the traditional novelty phones which were kept in a display unit. When you rang them they all did something different. They loved the Tigger phone who jumped up and down and the Elvis one who danced! (sorry I didn’t get a photo of this!)

Lunch at Milton Keynes Museum

I took a packed lunch with us as I wasn’t sure about the situation regarding allergies in the tea room. (My eldest has a nut allergy, myself and my youngest milk allergies!)

We visited on a really lovely sunny day so were lucky in that we were able to sit outside in the courtyard although I did spot a marquee tent for the colder wet days.

My mother in law ordered kids sandwiches for my niece and nephew and soup for herself from the tea room. You can sit in the tea room or outside if you purchase food from the tea room but can’t eat packed lunches indoors.  The food arrived promptly despite it being busy and all of which were quite tasty especially given that they were really reasonably priced. (They do take card in the tea room too!). They sell a large selection of homemade cakes which looked delicious but when I popped in to order some drinks it became apparent that again some cross-contamination could occur (I saw the same tongs being used for various cakes) so depending on the severity of the allergy, I’d be very careful ordering food here. Packed lunch may be safer.

Also, those of you that are like me and dairy free, there’s no alternative milk for a coffee so may have to take your own!

Days out with the kids Milton Keynes Museum

Transport Building

Finally, we visited the transport building which had a huge amount of traditional vehicles in. This building is fab for them as they can go in and ride on so many old vehicles! The kids loved riding the old fashioned go-karts and trikes. They also loved getting in the huge double-decker carriages and narrow boats! Some of the mannequins were a little…. strange looking shall we say but other than that this is one not to miss!

Days out with the kids Milton Keynes Museum
My littlest one loving the miniature railway displays in the transport building
We ended the day with a little run around in the small park area which we were told had been donated! How lovely?! It had a couple of swings, a slide and tree house type which my boys loved…I struggled to get them off it to go home.

All in all a great day out for all the family.

  • Inexpensive.
  • Accessible with buggy.
  • Educational without being information overload!
  • Hands-on!
  • Plenty to see and do
  • Not too big that the kids get bored.
  • Plenty of things at the smaller kids level to allow them to interact and touch things too.

There really is something for everyone!

To note: Regarding allergies, the cafe isn’t somewhere I’d feel comfortable eating with my son who has a nut allergy!

Have you visited Milton Keynes Museum?

What did you think?

Have you any other places you could recommend?

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